All medical equipment and supplies for hospitals & clinics devices Disposables and supplies for all specialist of clinic

Gynecology & Obstetrics

IVF Care


Cardiology Clinics.


Intensive Care Clinics and Critical Cases

Cardiothoracic Surgery



medical furniture

Medical gases




Egylab Medicine

All medical equipment’s, disposables, devices, Medical glass, and supplied for laboratories.

Compensatory devices and special needs

(Prostheses, orthotic devices, physiotherapy devices, gym and sports, wheel chair, adult diapers, ARTIFICIAL LIMBS  etc…)


Cosmetic devices (All prepation for cosmetic derma center)

devices micro-dermabrasion. / cosmetic devices lymphatic drainage. / devices light-therapy/ Devices needle-free noninvasive monotherapy/ Devices anti-aging treatments (skin tightening and wrinkle reduction)/ cosmetic ultrasound treatments/ devices skin analysis and diagnostic.


Hospital Services, marketing

(life insurance, one day surgery center, hair transplant center, private hospitals, ozone therapy, obesity & thinness centers, health care providers).


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