Cairo has a moderate weather for most of the year.

Temperatures are between 24°C and 31°C (75°F and 87°F)

during the exhibition period. Which is acceptable by European standards.



Light to medium weight are recommended for the exhibition period.



Arabic is the official and mostly used language in Egypt,

although English is widely spoken in business circles.

You can easily hire translators with the help of the exhibitor by completing the relevant section in the order forms as described in section six.



The Egyptian Pound monetary unit is the official currency for Egypt although US Dollar is widely used in hotels and other retailers.

The Egyptian pound is divided into 100 Piasters.

Notes are issued in 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 Pounds.



Most of the major international banks are represented in Egypt. Business hours for most of the banks are from

08:30AM to 05:00PM from Sunday to Thursday.


Credit Cards

All major credit cards are widely used in Egypt in almost all hotels and retail outlets.



Foreigners can easily find direct dialing service to all countries with country codes guide in most of the hotels.


Hours of Business

Embassies (generally)  - 8:00AM – 03:00PM

Banks (generally)  - 8:30AM – 05:00PM

Government Sector  - 8:00AM – 03:00PM


Public Entertainment Places

Cairo Festival - It is 19 km distance from EgyMedica location

City Stars - It is 7 km distance from EgyMedica location

Arcadia Mall - It is 12 km distance from EgyMedica location

Arab mall - It is 3 km distance from EgyMedica location

Distric - It is 10 km distance from EgyMedica location

Sun City - It is 12 km distance from EgyMedica location

Trips Nile - It is 10 km distance from EgyMedica location


Some of the tourist places in Cairo

Baron Palace - Islamic museum - Cairo Tower

Salah al-Din Citadel - Amr ibn al-Aas mosque

Pyramids - Khan Al-Khalil.

Al-Azhar Park - Al-Hussein Street.

Egyptian Museu - Moez Street.

the hanging Church - The Coptic Museum




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