Hospital Build Pavilion

Hospital Build is the only and most specialized exhibition for establishing medical entities. It aims to link suppliers and decision makers in a medical entity to establish the medical premises with all its needed fixture.


With a continuous success, Hospital Build 5th  round will accompany Egymedica Exhibition in its 16th round from 4 to 6 May 2017.


Hospital Build sectors:

Ceramics and Sanitary ware

Equipment laundries and kitchens

Interior design and paints

Water filters and adaptations

Solar and Electricity generators

Equipment sterilization and cleanliness

The doors and windows and facades

Banks and finance

Office Furniture


LCD screens and electrical appliances to patient rooms

Security Systems


Hospital Build direct invitation

  • VIP 20,000 invitations distributed as follows:
  • Owners of private hospitals
  • Owners of specialized medical centers
  • Owners of laboratories and radiology centers
  • Owners of companies TurnKey delivery
  • 50,000 normal invitations distributed as follows.
  • Engineers and consultants working in estabilish of Medical Facilities
  • Managers engineering departments within the private and public hospitals
  • Purchasing managers for Governmental Departments and private hospitals
  • Real estate investment companies
  • Project managers of contracting companies


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