VIP Invitations sent out to:

-Ministry of health Directors, head of departments - health affairs in all provinces.

-Deans, departments’ heads and faculty members in colleges of (medicine Pharmacy - Dental - Physiotherapy) in all Universities.

-Representatives of Trade Offices, ambassadors and ministers plenipotentiary to all Arab and foreign countries located in Egypt.

-The human resources managers

-The production managers in pharmaceutical factories.

-The directors of scientific offices, and corporate of medicine distribution.

-Owners and managers of factories and all investors in the sector of pharmaceutical

-Distribution Posters about the exhibition and the conference in all government and private hospitals and medical   centers and clinics in all the governorates of Egypt

Souvenirs to all event visitors



-Direct invitations through updated database to 120,000 doctors in all disciplines and all employees whom interested in sectors of the exhibition in & out Egypt.

-Procurement managers and decision makers in all hospitals and medical centers, labs and Radiology centers and dental clinics whom interested in the medical field.

-All companies operating in the medical supplies in the Arab world and African countries through Updated Database


Report show 2019



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