Why EgyMedica

18  years providing Healthcare Solutions in Egypt and all Africa The Main gate for all medical sectors in Egypt and all Africa Egymedica is the biggest and oldest exhibition and confrence in Egypt and all Africa, that has the biggest number of visitors and the biggest deals in medical field.

Egymedica is the place for all concerned people and distributor companies to gain agents for new products.

We invite you to participate in our event EGYMEDICA   from 3- 5 May 2018 Cairo – Egypt

The surprise of the 18th session of EGYMEDICA Egy Medica has dedicated a showroom for all Egyptian medical industries (Made in Egypt) Participation fees are supported by EgyMedica


And that:

To open up new export horizons Providing hard currency through export

The exhibition will hold special invitations to all those interested in the medical field from Africe and all over the World

(Heads of Commercial Representation Offices in Embassies, Arab ambassadors, African ambassadors, Businessmen working in the medical field,Businessmen working in the import & hospital build)

1. Biggest and oldest exhibition in Egypt and all Africa since 2000.

2. Biggest number of visitors in Egypt and all Africa.

3. Biggest deals in medical field are done through Egymedica.

4. Gather between deals and scientific aspects on the other hand.

5. Direct meetings with decision makers and Purchasing managers of big entities in the medical field.

6. Place for all concerned people and distributor companies to gain agents for new products.

7. Medical Officers from all MOH and Governmental Hospitals.

Grasp the opportunity to be part of this prestigious event and take advantage of:

- Joining over 400 international and local Exhibitors from 15 countries

- Expanding your business in a new, rapidly growing market

- Networking with medical specialists and healthcare end users

- Reaching a targeted Egyptian & African  agents

- Finding dealers and distributors to represent your products or brands

- Meeting Owners / Chairmen and Companies’ Decision Makers.

- Growing your client list of partners, patients, buyers and purchasers.

- Benchmark your company strengths against leading companies in the Medical Industry

- Launch new products.

- Support your agent if you have.


EgyMedica 2017

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